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Top 5 questions to ask a rental consultant



Top 5 questions to ask a rental consultant

It is always great to find what you have been looking for. This is especially true when searching for a new home. Crystal Whetham, a professional rental consultant, works hard to provide those looking for an apartment with quality living options and an overall positive rental experience. In recognition of her hard work and exceptional commitment to her position, the property management team would like to give Crystal special thanks. In order to tap into both the experiences and valuable advice Crystal has obtained at Williams and McDaniel, the team gathered together and produced the top 5 questions to ask a rental consultant before moving in. These questions will establish clear communication with your rental consultant and help you find the perfect new home. 


1.      What is my maximum budget?

It is important for rental consultants to recognize the respective price points of their clients. Using information such as the employment status and additional sources of inform available to the potential renters, consultants can determine the best and most affordable renting option. This information will help consultants address whether or not utilities should be factored into the price point. Geography is also a significant element as it plays a factor in determining the price of property. For example, the cost of renting an apartment in Waterloo is different from renting in nearby towns. It is also worthwhile to have a budget in mind to determine what living options you can afford. There are a variety of tools and calculators like this Practical Money Skills Canada calculator that you can visit to accurately gauge what you can afford.

2.      What is the perfect size home for me?

In order for rental consultants to find the living space that is best suited for you and your lifestyle, there are certain things that they should know. For example, knowing the number of people that will be living together will help consultants narrow down their searches to find a house or apartment that accommodates all renting parties.

During these consults and appointments, it is important to voice any restrictions, such as a requirement for an elevator, or features you would like the property to have, including a balcony.  With this information, consultants will be best suited to find properties that satisfy all your requests and demands. Set in a quaint park-like setting, the Williams and McDaniel's Stratford Apartments have been built to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and needs. The upper suites feature private balconies and the ground level suites are accompanied by charming walk-out patios. Having a clear idea of what it is you want and are looking for will make it easier on both the renter and the consultant to find a perfect and suitable housing match.


3.      What can I do if I have credit issues?

When it comes time to discuss credit with your rental consultant, honesty is the best policy. Remember, that consultants are professionals who are ready and devoted to helping you find the perfect home. By providing consultants with the necessary information, renters are more likely to have their requests and needs fulfilled.  In conjunction with your consultant's own knowledge, they also have valuable connections to a variety of other experts in the rental field. 

During this stage, it is common for consultants to ask some more personal questions in order to determine the best course of action and available options. These questions are not meant to upset or make you angry, but can be used as a tool to help consultants act with your best interest in mind.  Individuals may want to prepare in advance before meeting with a rental consultant. If this is the case and you would like to get a copy of your credit score, there are a variety of online services available including Equifax.

4.      Is there a wait period before I can move in?

For Williams and McDaniel's properties, there is usually a 60-day notice on all vacancies. This is important to remember when looking at properties, as rental consultants may not know what is available until or close to 2 months before.

Other properties and building, including the Elimira Executive Suites may require you to put your name on a waitlist.

5.      What steps do I need to take when I am ready to move in?

For new and prospective Williams and McDaniel's tenants, their first task is to fill out a rental application form. In addition to this application, tenants are required to undergo a credit and landlord check and will also need to provide a letter of employment, or a pay stub. The property's landlord may also instruct tenants to provide cheques, a deposit or pre-authorized rent payments for the first and last months.

While you are in the process of searching for an apartment, it is beneficial and helpful to remain patient. There may be times when units you would like to view are occupied and therefore cannot be shown right away. By booking an appointment in advance, you can increase the chances that you can see the Elora apartments or other properties you have had your eye on. However, if you are unable to make or keep your scheduled appointment, please call ahead to cancel.

Offering a great selection of stunning apartments to choose from as well as high-quality, friendly services, Williams and McDaniel Property Management is an ideal choice for renters. For more information on the apartments available for view and rent, please click here.