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Customer Services for your Apartment Rental – Special Touches

We are committed to provide you not just great service but to also be the first ones to hear about your concerns. This list informs you of our commitment and your entitlement:

Open Door Management Policy

Drop in for a cup of coffee and let us be the first ones to know any of your concerns. Our doors are always open for you and so are our telephone lines. If not, there is a whole team awaiting your emails should you have something to say.

Short Response Time

Whether it's replying to your rental application or to your maintenance request, we are committed to responding within 24 hours of your request being submitted. We strive to continuously raise the bar for ourselves when catering to your needs. 

Creating Communities

Along with delivering quality service, we are also committed to creating vibrant and helpful residential communities. We do this by empowering each resident through Club Oyster, and each community through connecting events like pot-lucks and pool-side barbeques in summer, and carol-singing and feasting around Christmas.