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Midland Executive Suites

About the City

Midland Ontario

Midland is a community that encourages its members to get involved and get active. If you're looking to develop new interests and meet new people, the Askennonia Senior Centre is a great place to start. The centre offers a variety of physical activity programs such as dance and yoga, instructional classes in woodcarving and singing and much more, as well as programs that enrich the mind like book clubs, health and wellness and much more.

The Midland BIA has dedicated itself to creating a blend of history and modern convenience in the downtown core that is safe, clean and welcoming for all age groups. Professional services, shopping and entertainment opportunities are all available in the downtown, making it easy to access amenities for day-to-day living on foot or by bus. The town's convenient transit system, which offers a senior discount rate, can help you explore not only the downtown but all of Midland to your heart's content.

Midland has a rich history that dates back to 800 AD when the area was first settled by the Iroquois people. The Huronia Museum & Ouendat Village is one of Midland's attractions, featuring over 1,000,000 artifacts and displays that change frequently. The museum is also the venue for art and photography shows and other special events.

Midland is also a great place to explore nature, particularly the town's waterfront, which opens into Georgian Bay and the over 30,000 islands that can be explored. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing and boat tours, as well as over 240 acres of parkland with paved and natural hiking and walking trails that allow you to explore the beauty of the landscapes at your own pace.

Midland static city map