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Make your space guest-ready





When you are expecting and hosting visitors, you will want to make your guest's stay as seamless and enjoyable as possible. This involves some careful preparation and planning to be done ahead of time.  We at Williams and McDaniel want to help residents leave the best impression on their guests, family and friends so we have compiled some things to do to get your apartment space ready for guest.




Take this opportunity to clear out all the clothes, books, movies, magazines and household items that you no longer use. This will make more room for your guests, help you downsize and will give the chance to donate to your Value Village or Salvation Army stores. In preparation for your visitor's arrival, removing fragile and valuable items from guest rooms or their designated sleeping space will make sure they remain undamaged. This is especially true if young children are coming to stay. It is also important to childproof rooms with outlet plugs and furniture padding. Clear off counter space and shelf space to make sure there are enough hooks and rods for towels. While you're in the cleaning mood, create some room in the closet by emptying some drawers and freeing up some hangers. Giving your guest an adequate and designated space to unpack will ensure that your house stays clutter-free and your guest's stay is as accommodating as possible.


Guest Room/Space


Before your guests arrive it may be worthwhile to spend a night in the guest room or designated guest space to make sure that everything is comfortable, clean and ready for use. You'll also be able to make sure all the lights work, that there are no cobwebs creeping in the corners of the room and the temperature in the room is a comfortable one. If your guest bed or inflatable air mattress hasn't been used in a while it is probably time to freshen it up. Change the covers, fluff up the pillows, pull the air mattress out of storage and spritz the sheets with a light and refreshing scent. For those looking to expand their scent skill set, 'The Dabblist' Linen Spray tutorial can be easily followed and will add a soothing lavender scent to sheets.




Providing houseguests with a few odds and ends will make them feel at home and will be a lifesaver if they happened to forget something. The 'All You' blog has compiled a list of items that a hostess should provide for their overnight guests. Some of the basic supplies you can provide include shampoo, packaged soaps, shower caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash. Your guests may be unfamiliar with your house and where you store your supplies, so always put rolls of toilet paper, air freshener, a plunger and blow dryer within sight. It is also nice to supply your guests with towels and face cloths. In order to make sure there is no confusion when it comes time to dry off, it is worthwhile to choose a specific color of towel for each guest. Guests will appreciate when you stock the bedside table with magazines and books that are an easy read or a pitcher of water in case they are parched during the night.


Make sure your guests enjoy their visit and their stay in your apartment. At Williams and McDaniel, our residents and their guests deserve and receive the highest quality and service. With these tips for getting your apartment guest ready, we hope we've been able to help ease the stress of hosting and make the time spent with your guests more enjoyable.

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