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Three resolutions for 2015

The new year offers up a great time for resolutions. Take this opportunity to start organizing, improving and revamping both you and your apartment. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we have compiled some apartment resolutions that will get the year going on a positive note.

Update your apartment

For a simple and cost-effective New Years resolution, try tidying up your apartment and switching your style and décor. This can involve anything from getting rid of old clothes, appliances, toys, books and everything else that has remained unused for quite some time. Put those items to good use by donating them to your local thrift shop or favourite charity. After youve decluttered the space, get to work updating the décor and atmosphere.


Stay Financially Organized

Start the year off on an organized note by making a point of having full control over your finances. Conserve some extra cash and stay on top of bills and payments with a monthly household budget. Budgeting can help you pay off debts, stay financially secure and put you in a position to make long-term decisions. Keep money in your pocket by limiting the amount you eat out, taking advantage of coupons or deals and turning to greener options whenever possible. BudgetSimple is a free tool that tracks your spending and displays it with easy-to-understand spreadsheets and diagrams.

Benefit from apartment facilities

Williams and McDaniel apartments offer residents some free, impressive amenities that you may not have explored. Landscaped grounds, stunning views, laundry facilities, social rooms, on-site storage units and maintenance programs are among the amenities you might not know about. Consult our onsite staff for a list of amenities included in your rental agreement.


Improve your quality of life and start the New Year off on a positive note with the apartment resolutions discussed above. From everyone at Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we wish you a happy new year!


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