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Seasonal smoothies for summer

Refuel and rehydrate with a refreshing summer smoothie. For today’s blog post, Williams and McDaniel, our preferred property management company, has put together a list of must-try seasonal smoothies that are sure to help you beat the heat. 



Blueberry Kick Start Smoothie


Start your day with a smoothie. Pick a recipe packed full with nutrients to help you power through your morning in the office. Use in-season blueberries to make this healthy Blueberry Kick Start Smoothie.


Kathy’s Watermelon Frosty


Watermelon is a popular summertime fruit. Put this melon to use in Kathy’s Watermelon Frosty, the perfect cold drink following a long afternoon in the sun.


Summer Green Smoothie


Give green smoothies a try. Seasonal greens like kale or spinach will easily blend with your favourite fruits for a healthier, more filling beverage that still tastes great. This satisfying Summer Green Smoothie uses juicy fruits combined with nutrient-filled Swiss chard and spinach.


Chamomile Banana Smoothie

Need a cold smoothie to help you unwind after a stressful day? This soothing Chamomile Banana Smoothie offers a dose of healthy, calm relaxation.


Refreshing Summertime Smoothie


This Refreshing Summertime Smoothie is a fantastic taste of summer because it uses a fun array of seasonal fruits and veggies. Head to your local farmers’ market to find the fresh produce you need to make this healthy beverage.

Cool off this summer with a healthy, satisfying smoothie. Williams and McDaniel hopes you find a new favourite smoothie recipe in today’s summer-themed lineup. For more information about our apartments or executive suites located throughout central and southwestern Ontario, visit our website.

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