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Your guests won't know you made this artwork yourself

Spice up your apartment’s walls with some different styles of artwork and accents. While decorating your space can personalize and add some flair to your home, purchasing pieces can often be expensive. However, if you decide to DIY them, you’ll be saving money without sacrificing the aesthetics of your apartment. We at Williams and McDaniel Property Management want to help residents make their apartment their own and have compiled a selection of stunning DIY projects that your guests will never guess are handmade.

DIY Herringbone Art

Take advantage of playful patterns and bright colours that are equally professional with ‘View Along The Way’s’ DIY Herringbone Art. This woven pattern is commonplace among clothing designs, but it looks even better on a canvas. To create this DIY, you’ll need a large amount of acrylic pain, a foam roller, white acrylic paint, Frog Tape and canvas. If you have little ones bustling around your apartment or have been called in to babysit, this craft is a great way to get the kids involved and occupied and will lessen your DIY responsibilities. This piece will truly be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Simplistic Shell Art

Bring the beach closer to home with ‘Sandal and Sisal’s’ Shell Art creation. This piece is surprisingly simple and each time you look at it you can picture yourself on a beach with a cool drink in your hand. Using solid painted shells or gradually painted shells, this DIY will add a tropical touch to your living room, bathroom or bedroom. In no time at all, you’ll have the stylish piece of wall art and extra money saved.


Wooden World Map

Whether travelling the world is on your bucket list, you’ve already travelled widely or you just like maps, ‘The Happier Homemaker’s’ Wooden World Map DIY is a cultured option. While you could purchase a piece like this in stores, making it at home will award you with bragging rights and savings in your bank account. If you want to get even more sentimental, mark off where you’ve travelled to on your world map and document your adventures.


DIY String Art

Test out your artistic skills with an unconventional art supply with ‘Honey and Fitz’s’ DIY String Art Tutorial. This inexpensive medium is easy to work with and incredibly light, so there is really no downside to experimenting with it. The possibilities are endless with this sort of craft and it is completely up to the artist what they want their finished product to look like. If you’d rather not deal with hammers and cutting wood, this DIY suggests using corkboard in its place.


Incorporating DIY art into your apartment will not only liven up the space, but it will also give you the opportunity to unleash your artistic genius upon the world. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we want current and prospective residents to enjoy every single aspect of their apartments and DIY artwork is just one way to make your apartment space your own.


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