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Tips for holiday table settings

If you’ll be hosting friends or family this holiday season, consider welcoming your guests with a stunning holiday table setting. Simple accents, centrepieces and seasonal touches can help you create an elegant and inexpensive table setting. For residents who are looking for ways to decorate their table for the holidays, Williams and McDaniel has compiled some tips and décor ideas when it comes time to host family and friends at your apartment.


Start with one colour theme and then accessorize and accent in that same palette. For example, if your colour theme is red, accents in cranberry or deeper reds will compliment your table quite nicely. Plaid patterns are another big hit during the holiday season. For those who think white is too plain, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal by infusing pops of colour in centrepieces or accessories like napkin holders. While some like traditional colours, others may want to stray from the norm and include unconventional colours like pale pink, sage green, royal blue and lilac.

 Serving Pieces

When it comes to plates and serving platters, mixing different patterns and styles like new and antique is a great way to add interest to the table. These pieces can also act as a conversation topic when you sit down to enjoy your festive feast among family and friends.


Unleash your creativity on your table’s centrepiece and try out a variety of eye-catching looks. Get your creative juices flowing by looking over Home and Garden TV’s Christmas Centrepieces and Martha Stewart’s Christmas Table settings and Décor articles for inspiration. If you’re looking to infuse seasonal fruits or items in your centrepiece, an easy solution is filling a clear bowl with oranges, crab apples, and pine-tree branches. Glass Christmas ornaments are another item that you can place in a large glass vase or in bowls on each end of the table. Add a soft, sparkling glow to the table by including table candles, which can be decorated with holiday ribbons.


Dress up your chandelier

Infuse the holiday season in your entire dining room by dressing up your chandelier or light fixture. Twisting inexpensive garland around your chandelier and even the chairs is a simple way to add a festive vibe to your apartment space. You can also try suspending ornaments and pretty ribbons for a subtler and different effect.


Fresh Greenery

Small twigs and bushes of pine and ivy offer a wonderfully fresh and festive way to make your Christmas table that much more exciting. In addition, they’ll also make your apartment smell delicious.  Simply cut a few pieces and put them in a crystal vase filled with water or decorative elements like rocks and even Christmas ornaments.


Finishing Touches

Complete the look of your table by adding detailed finishing touches that truly show off your decorative talents. One way to do so is to tie napkins with golden ribbon or wire-edge silver that have been threaded with tiny ornaments. For those who love flowers, make a bouquet for each place setting using miniature red roses and silver mint juleps. When it’s time for your guests to leave, surprise them with a little goody bag, which can include anything from a special ornament, a candle or chocolate truffles.


Decorate your apartment space in seasonal style by putting some of these tips to use. At Williams and McDaniel, we want our residents to enjoy every aspect of their apartment and this includes their décor. Keeping these tips in mind will help you create a table setting that your guests will be appreciate.



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