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The Historic Petrie Building Newly Acquired by Williams and McDaniel Property Management

For over 135 years, the Petrie Building has stood as a unique architectural gem in the heart of downtown Guelph.  Since 1983, Williams & McDaniel Property Management has owned 11 Wyndham Street, which is the corner portion of these two buildings.  On June 3, 2021, we acquired the Petrie building as part of our portfolio.  This brings the original building back to where it should be, under one ownership!

The newly acquired Petrie building is unique in that it has an iconic metal façade which makes it one of only two such buildings in Canada with this façade.  The original building was constructed in 1882 and housed a pharmacy on the ground floor which was operated by Alexander Bain Petrie.

The team at Williams & McDaniel, who has always occupied the corner building as their head office, is thrilled to have the building next door as part of their portfolio.  Williams & McDaniel would also like to recognize and thank Kirk and Peregrine at Tyrcathlen Partners for the incredible work they have done to restore the Petrie building to its current stunning condition.

By adding this part of the building to it's portfolio, Williams & McDaniel has increased it's footprint in downtown Guelph, which remains the heart and foundation of our organization.  We look forward to being an integral part in the future of Guelph's downtown!