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The best ways to stay cool at home this summer

As the temperature rises this summer, residents will be looking for inexpensive and effective ways to battle the heat. There are a variety of low-energy ways to keep your apartment cool and comfortable without cranking the air conditioner nonstop. We at Williams and McDaniel Property Management want our residents to focus on enjoying the summer months and escaping the heat.



Keep Curtains, Blinds and Shade Closed
Stop the sun’s hot rays from entering your apartment by closing your blinds or other window treatments during the day. When the sunshine is at its peak, the air will stay cooler if the blinds are drawn. It is also a great idea to invest in light cotton curtains that don’t absorb the heat like heavy, darker fabrics. One clever tricks involves dipping the ends of your linen or cotton curtains in a bucket of water and opening a window in your apartment. The fabric will absorb some of the water and the breeze will spread this cooling air around the apartment.


Open Windows at Night
Once the day’s heat tapers off and gets cooler, opening the windows will bring your apartment’s temperature down. To keep your bedding or pillow cool and comfortable, place an icepack under your pillow or in your bed. You can also set up a bucket of ice in front of a portable fan and for an inexpensive DIY AC unit. 


Cover the Vents
If you decide to run the AC in your apartment, make sure to cover vents in rooms where you don’t need cold air. This will keep the spaces you want cool, while leaving the other rooms be. It will also save energy in the long run by only using AC where it is needed.


Keep Use of Appliances to a Minimum
While you may be dying to try out that new recipe, it is best to avoid using your oven or stove top, as it will make your apartment hotter. Try using smaller appliances like a countertop grill and the microwave.


Briskly Cold Showers
Taking a cold shower or bath will do wonders to bring down your body temperature. Another way to get cool is to stand in front of a fan to dry off rather than using a towel. If you’re looking for quicker fixes to the heat, try running cold water over your hands and feet or applying cold packs to your neck, wrists, forehead and backs of your knees.

Stay Hydrated
Keep well hydrated with ice-cold beverages. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends drinking a large portion of water, even when you’re not thirsty. You can even sneak in your fluids with fruit and homemade popsicles.

Delicious Homemade Popsicles
In the place of store-bought popsicles get your kids to help you make healthy and nutritious popsicles of their own. You’ll know the ingredients and you’ll save money in the long run. The ‘Inhabitat’ blog has 30 Homemade Popsicle Recipes that you will want to taste test.

Loose Clothing
Sticking to light, loose-fitting clothing when the temperature skyrockets will allow air to circulate around your skin. In essence, allowing it to breathe. There are also a variety of SPF-approved clothing that will provide you with sun protection and help you avoid burns.