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Technology to make apartment living better


No matter which part of your life you want to simplify, apps and the latest accessories offer apartment residents an easier way to balance their tasks and lives. Today, Williams and McDaniel Property Management has put together some noteworthy smartphone apps and technological accessories that our current and prospective renters will enjoy!


Chores and Daily Tasks

Keep track of the chores you need to fulfill by turning the work into a game. If you have roommates, the Chore Hero Lite app will allow you to assign chores to a variety of people on different days or let the app randomly pick a person. On your profile you will be given a title depending on how much you, your significant other or your roommates have done. The app reinforces the value of hard work with reward. If the chore list or schedule on the fridge isn't getting checked off or even looked at, try taking advantage of technology and have it emailed to you on a weekly or daily basis. The ChoreBuster app will ensure the dishes are done, the trash is taken out, the dog has been walked and you know when important events are coming up.


Grocery Shopping

Many of us go into the grocery store without really knowing what we want or need and this leads us to forget certain things or buy multiple containers of something we already have. In the long run, this can be a waste of money and food if it's not consumed in a timely fashion. Use the myShopi app to track items that you've frequently or recently purchased, to create multiple shopping lists and to make notes about upcoming sales that you want to take advantage of. Best of all, this app will allow you to share your lists with others via email or SMS. You can also peruse a database of more than 1,000 predefined items or add your own. If you find yourself bouncing from department to department when you're grocery shopping with your handwritten list, the AnyList app is for you. When items are put into this app, they are automatically categorized and this will make shopping a breeze and will help you avoid circling the grocery store again and again.




Take the guesswork out of choosing furniture for your apartment by using the SnapShop Showroom. With the help of augmented reality, this app from SnapShop Inc allows you to outfit any room with furniture before you move it or purchase it. Users have the ability to browse a selection of furnishings from brands they like, to upload photographs of the room they want to decorate and to visually insert pieces into their room to see if they are suitable. Download this app before you go shopping for furniture and play around with it to find the perfect furnishing without the struggle. Have your friends and family weigh in on your decorative choices and decisions by using the app to share photos of what the room might look like with augmented reality.


If you're looking for a particular color but can't seem to find it anything that goes with it, use the Color Hunter app to search. Upload an image featuring the color that you like into the app and a color palette will be automatically generated. Kuler is another great resource if you're looking for color inspiration.



With the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, you can give wireless capabilities to your powerful stereo system. Cordlessly and wirelessly stream your favourite tunes around your apartment space and use your smartphone as a remote control. Perfect for entertaining guests or providing a soundtrack for your daily workout, this device will make enjoying your music a breeze. Stop plugging in your phone or laptop with wireless speakers like the Yamaha NX-B02 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. You can easily connect your smartphone and can control your musical selection within a 20-foot range.


Integrating technology into your life will help to simplify and organize your routine. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we want our residents to enjoy every aspect of rental living.


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