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Seasonal decor for an autumn apartment



Spice up your apartment and celebrate the arrival of fall by incorporating fall colours and crafts into your apartment. With subtle, natural accents here and there, you can create an apartment space that showcases fall without overwhelming your surroundings. Whether you're looking to decorate your apartment walls, dining room, living room or your apartment's door, there are crafts that are perfectly suited. We at Williams and McDaniel Property Management want residents to enjoy their apartment space and the arrival of fall and we hope these fantastic and fun DIY crafts will help residents achieve both.



Gourdeous Candle Holders

Make those adorable little pumpkins and gourds festively functional with Revel blog's Gourdeous Candle Holders. Using the gourds' and pumpkins' bodies, you'll have adorable little tea light holders that are inexpensive and seasonal. A few cuts and drills into these bite-sized beauties and you'll be enjoying a candle-lit dinner by gourds and pumpkins. 


Leaf Lit Mason Jar

Mason jars seem to be a staple when it comes to home décor DIYs. This leaf craft by Spark and Chemistry blog covers the glass jars with brightly coloured leaves for an intense festive flair. For this candleholder, you can either collect leaves from outside or purchase fake ones and apply them to the outside of the jar using Mod Podge. Once the podge is dry and the leaves are secure, add a lit tea light into each Mason jar for a subtle fall glow that will look stunning on the dinner table or sprinkled around the apartment.


Pressed Leaves

Take the natural beauty of leaves and showcase them with the help of Wit and Whistle's Pressed Leaves craft. For this DIY, you'll need to press the leaves you've selected on wax paper for a few weeks. It is best to place your pressed leaves on a neutral background and frame it for a sophisticated and simple fall-inspired art piece. You can even try creating a collage of leaves or colour coordinating the leaves to achieve a subtle Ombre effect.




Drilled Pumpkins

For an easy method of decorating pumpkins without all the mess of seeds and goo, Homemade by Jade blog has the answer. All you need to carve your pumpkin is a hand drill and an idea of how you want the pattern to look. Get creative or stick to the simple eyes and mouth design that has been around for ages.


Glittered Pumpkins

Add some pizzazz to your pumpkin's exterior with AKM designs and delights' Glitter Pumpkin Topiary. Create this stunning tower of pumpkins with some spray paint, some glitter and cut-out letters saying whatever you want.


Give your apartment a subtle fall makeover by using these crafts as inspiration and don't forget to get the little ones involved. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we want residents to enjoy every aspect of their rental experience and are here to help in any way we can.