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Pop-Up Decor for your Apartment: Decorating without leaving a mark



Pop-Up Decor for your Apartment: Make your mark without leaving a mark

Sometimes renters can feel limited in décor options because of the lease agreement. However, we know how important it is for the residents of Williams and McDaniel's Guelph apartment communities to feel at home. We know that making an apartment space your own through décor is an important part of putting down roots and feeling part of a community.

In today's blog, we've compiled some great ideas that we've found online for pop-up decorating. This style of decorating leaves no permanent mark on your apartment walls, giving you the freedom to put up whatever you like. We invite current and potential residents to become a part of the city of Guelph and put your personalized touch on your suite.




·       Consider removable wallpaper to give your room colour and pattern without permanence. This is a great option for those who like bold statements and really making a mark on a room (without leaving a permanent mark).

·       We've all seen great chalkboard wall stickers at a friend's place that look and feel quite similar to chalkboard paint. These are great for the kitchen or even by the front door to make to-do lists and reminders. For those more artistically inclined, this is also a great outlet to share a doodle with your roommate or visitors.

·       Customize the look of your kitchen with an assortment of magnets for your fridge – it's easy to create a collage to give some colour to your space. Select images with bold colours and magnets to compliment. 

·       Vinyl decals are a great way to make a mark on an apartment. You can try out a look without commitment and still feel like you have a truly personalized space. These pieces range from simple decals that you can find at any bargain store or Dollarama. For full Guelph-centric theme to match your kitchen magnets, Cafe-press has a collection of Guelph themed wall decals to adorn the walls of your Guelph apartment.

·       Storage ottomans come in a great range of colours and patterns and are perfect when it comes to maximizing storage. They can be used in the living room in place of a coffee table, as a bench at the foot of a bed, or even for extra seating

·       Welcome guests to your home with a customized monogrammed doormat. The mats come with monogram insets, that let you change the look of your doormat. Select your initials or even a message for your guests.

We encourage you to share your decorating tips and tricks with us. Get involved with the Williams and McDaniel community in Guelph!

Come make yourself at home at Williams and McDaniels apartments located in Guelph, Ontario. Our apartment communities offer spacious and well maintained units that make a great starting point for pop-up decorations of any kind. Always freshly painted, the apartments feature parquet flooring, and appliances are included.  For a unique, boutique style property management experience, Contact Williams and McDaniels about availabilities in Guelph or any of our apartment communities.