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Our Annual Tradition with Children's Foundation

It's that time of year when children look forward to Santa's arrival, and school days are longer despite all the merry-making with friends as they await the holiday break.  But what about when you can't focus on Santa let alone your schoolwork because you can't tell the rumble in your tummy to stop?  Who can help? 

This is where The Children's Foundation https://www.childrensfoundation.org/ steps in.  The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington is a local organization helping local families. Life can be challenging when there is barely enough money to cover basic human essentials like housing and proper nutrition. For many families in Guelph and Wellington the reality is that they have 'just barely enough' to look after their basic needs. We also know that for many families in our community, 'just barely enough' seems like a luxury.

This year Williams & McDaniel had the privilege of partnering with The Children's Foundation again and donated $17,000 to support the Food & Friends Program, bringing the total donation to $67,000 to date - an investment in the health and future of our community and an investment in brighter futures.  The Food & Friends program brings healthy food to hungry minds.  Breakfast, morning meals, snack and lunch programs are offered throughout Dufferin, Wellington County and Guelph elementary and secondary schools that provide an atmosphere of social inclusion amongst students who may otherwise feel marginalized. Students have decreased disruptive behaviours in the classroom, learn healthy eating habits and build strong social skills.

In our world, opportunity outshines hardship every time.