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New Purchases in Waterloo and Guelph

Williams and McDaniel Property Management is delighted to announce the purchase of two new properties, one in Guelph and one in Waterloo.

The properties are located at 35 Cassino Ave Guelph and 515 Albert Street Waterloo. The Guelph property has 17 quality suites and will now be known as Doubletree Apartments. The property in Waterloo has 24 quality suites and will now be referred to as Woodland Trail Apartments.

Both property names were inspired by the beautiful natural environments that surround these buildings. With parks, shopping, restaurants, and more nearby, these buildings offer residents convenience and comfort.

The acquisition of these 41 additional suites strengthens our substantial holdings in Guelph and the KW area. Each Building will now undergo upgrades and renovations to bring them to the well-known standard that we at Williams and McDaniel strive to uphold.