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New Guelph Apartment Compost Recycling Programs

Williams & McDaniel's is pleased to announce we have initiated a new Green compost recycling program at several of our properties in Guelph: Cherry Blossom Apts at 7 Delaware Ave, Juniper Apts at 3 Delaware Ave and Maplewood Apts at 11 Delaware and Terrace Towers Apartments at 125 Raymond Street!

The new program includes Green compost recycling which now completes our comprehensive recycling program including Blue bins for paper, plastic, and metal & glass.

Everyone was very happy to see the composting program introduced at the properties and enjoyed the sunshine and a free Timmy's as well!  The staff at Cherry Blossom, Juniper, Maplewood and Terrace Towers are pictured here providing composting containers and instructions to residents.

For more information on sorting your recycling and waste, visit the City of Guelph recycling page.