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How to hang just about anything



How to hang just about anything

 When you've found those perfect pieces of artwork or unique accents, you will want to enhance your apartment space with them. While you may initially think that setting up and hanging home décor is difficult, it is much more manageable than it seems. At Williams and McDaniel, we want to help our residents transform the apartments we offer into their own perfectly decorated oasis. Today on the Williams and McDaniel blog, we discuss techniques, tips and products that will allow you to hang just about anything on your apartment's walls.



Classic Hanging Tips – Framed Picture


While there are a variety of new hanging tools and inventions available for homeowners to purchase, some individuals may remain loyal to the old-fashioned procedures like this one by 'BrightNest' blog. Using a tape measure, wire, nails and a hammer, which are all available at Canadian Tire, residents will soon have that masterpiece hung on their walls. However, this method requires a little more patience and precision than the more high-tech alternatives. Before any nails are hammered, the picture you wish to hang should be positioned on the wall and the top marked with a pencil or piece of chalk. This will help determine what height is best suited to the piece you wish to hang. In order to replicate the position the framed picture will have when it is hanging on the wall, use a tape measure to pull the wire on the back of the frame upwards. By taking the pencilled markings on the wall and the distance to the top of the frame into consideration, you can ensure that the picture's weight is balanced and keeps a straight position. After you've double-checked all measurements, the pencil and chalk markings can easily be wiped away or erased. Once everything is level and secure, hang the piece and enjoy the art that now adorns your walls.


Disc Hangers


While disc hangers were originally designed for plates, they can be used to hang a variety of different items. This option is great for use on plates, trays, wood items and an assortment of other objects that have a clean, smooth surface. Hangers are available in different sizes, which can accommodate different weights, and can be purchased at craft stores like Michaels or Curry's. While this method is easy it does require you to wait over night for the disc to dry to ensure a strong hold. This method is also perfect for those who constantly update the items that decorate their walls. If a modification needs to be made, the disc simply needs to be wet again and removed from the item.


French Cleats


If you're preparing to hang a heavy or huge item on your wall, French cleats are your best bet. Available either online or at big box stores like Home Depot, certain models of French cleats can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. While this alternative is a bit pricier than the hammer and nails used in traditional hanging methods, it is worth the investment to ensure that all your artwork stays safely and securely on walls. For best results carefully read the instructions and study the diagrams included before you pull out the necessary power tools.


3M Command Adhesive, Hooks and Picture Hanger Products


Currently, 3M Command offers a variety of products that allow you to hang items without damaging walls and have introduced inventive solutions for pieces that were formerly thought to be a hassle to hang. Some of their products feature double-sided adhesive, while others use Velcro to secure items to walls or other smooth surfaces. Each package of hooks, adhesive or hangers states the amount of weight they can hold and also which items they are best suited for. This option is great for renters because 3M command products leave no mark behind when removed, as the 'Apartment Therapy's' Hang a Frame Without Leaving a Mark Using Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M article illustrates.


Ribbon & Hooks


Sometimes the simplest options are the best. Ribbons can be used to hold up lighter items like decorative trays. For a more covert look, individuals can use ribbon in the same colour as the item, so it is virtually invisible. However, there are certain times when the actual hanging method can be incorporated into the display. For example, decorative vintage hooks can hold a substantial amount of weight, while also adding aesthetic appeal to rooms. If you don't have any vintage hooks on hand, Home Depot stocks a variety of faux vintage hooks that will decoratively display your framed art or canvases.


Make sure artwork stays up on the wall where it belongs, so that all your guests and visitors can enjoy them. At Williams and McDaniel, we offer our residents and their guests the highest quality of amenities and services without fail and want to help in any way we can. With these tips and products on hand, we hope residents will accessorize their walls with everything from their child's framed finger paintings to those prized original prints by favourite or famous artists.


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