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Healthy Living in Your Rental Apartment

A healthy living environment is important to your personal health; after all, you spend a large part of your life at home.  Keeping your apartment clean and improving the air quality will make a noticeable difference to the way you feel.  If you always keep your home clean, you may not notice much of a difference but there are still some things you might be able to do to further improve your home's health.

Here are some tips to a healthy apartment:


Keep your apartment clean, everything from your daily dishes to your toilet.  Leaving the dirt to pile up causes a wide variety of bacteria to grow which can cause skin problems, breathing problems and many more health issues.

Cleaning more frequently with gentler household cleaning products is much better for you than using harsh chemicals which can damage surfaces and be harmful to your health.  Believe it or not, vinegar and mild soap is one of the most effective cleaning solutions!  Try doing just one or two cleaning tasks a day - the job won't seem so big and time consuming.

Clean out your fridge regularly, place leftovers at the front of the shelf so that you don't forget they are there.  Old leftovers and expired products can grow mold and other bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

Fresh Air

When the weather is nice, open your windows to let the old air out and some fresh air in, use a fan to circulate the air through your apartment.

Empty your garbage regularly so it doesn't smell and grow bacteria in your home. 

After a bath or shower, leave your shower curtain and bathroom door open to let the moisture out of the room and prevent mould and mildew from growing.

Clean out your vacuum cleaner and its filters so that you don't release the dust into the air.

Wash your bed linens on a regular basis and don't forget your curtains!


Plants can contribute to a healthy home plus they look great; but, just like any living thing, they have to be maintained with regular watering and feeding.

Don't keep the soil too moist where it grows mold.  In many cases, this will also kill your plant. It is also helpful to stir the soil every so often. 

If a plant has died, throw it away; do not let it sit in your apartment while it decomposes.

Try to avoid brining plants that were on your balcony inside because that can introduce insects into your apartment.  If you have plants that you set outside, purchase the proper plant spray that will kill any insects (but not harm you plant) before you bring them indoors.

Spring is a great time to start taking better care of yourself by getting out in the nice weather for some exercise.  It's also a great time to dust off the winter blues and clean up your rental apartment.  You will feel better for it!