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Easy Seasonal Decorating tips for fall

As the seasons change from summer to fall, you may want to update your apartment’s décor. Whether you prefer to purchase items ready-made or try your hand at some do-it-yourself crafts, the finished products will be something you will want to show off around the house. Get the kids involved in making these seasonal ornaments or have the kids help pick out those fall-coloured accents for each room. For residents who are looking for ways to decorate their dwelling for fall Williams and McDaniel has compiled some crafts and tips that you can use when it comes time to dress up your apartment for the season.


Fall Flowers


Stop by your local garden centre and pick up some fall flowers like chrysanthemums and coreopsis, or if you want a décor item that won’t wilt drop by a dollar store for silk flowers. The ‘My Blessed Life’ Fall Flower Can Door tutorial will help you create a charmingly rustic décor item that you can make using the simplest materials. These small and unexpected décor accents are a perfect way to dress up your apartment without overwhelming it.




Infusing leaves into your décor is not only authentically seasonal, but it is also a cost-effective option. Visit the nearest park or a tree-filled area in your neighbourhood and gather the prettiest leaves you can find to create the ‘Wit and Whistle’ DIY Pressed Leaf Art. You’ll need to sandwich them together in sheets of wax paper and stack the heaviest books you can find on top and leave them for a week. Once they’re completely pressed, place the leaves or flowers on a neutral background and frame for a simple seasonal décor piece. If you’re looking for a textured craft, this ‘Centsational Girl’ DIY Leaf Canvas is a piece that looks considerably more expensive than it actually is.


Fall Wreathes


Hanging a fall wreath on your front door is a simple, classic and versatile décor item that will showcase your love for this colourful season. While a variety of home décor stores stock wreathes, you can turn DIY craft making into a fun night of catching up with family and friends. The ‘Chic and Cheeky’ DIY Fall Wreath is filled with faux fall-coloured flowers, ribbons and a letter, which you can use to represent your family’s last name. If you’re still searching for that perfect wreath to adorn your door, the ‘DIY Candy’ blog features an article that outlines 14 DIY Fall Wreaths For Your Home.




Pumpkins are one of the most popular produce items of the season and it is only right that they be part of your décor scheme. Whether you prefer to use faux pumpkins, which you can use year after year, or real ones that will last you a season, their decoration possibilities are endless. Create an elegant lacy pumpkin by first painting it white, stretching decorative nylons or stocking over it until it is completely covered and glue gun the nylon around the stem. If you have a junk drawer in your apartment, put those items to good use by embellishing the surface of your pumpkin with odds and ends and consulting the ‘Better Homes and Garden’ Junk to Create Halloween Pumpkins article. Get your creative juices flowing with these 10 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas by ‘Meegan Makes.’



Candles are a great way to add warmth and light in any season. For a seasonal glow on your table or around the house, try the ‘5 Orange Potatoes’’ Autumn Leaf Lanterns. This craft covers mason jars or other glass jars with preserved leaves that pop with colour once you light candles inside.  In addition to using leaves for your seasonal décor, the ‘Domestically Blissful’ Fall Candle Holder glues twigs and sticks to glass candle holders. Wrap them with twine and place these one-of-kind décor items throughout the house for a rustic vibe.


Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are a fuss-free way to decorate your house that will also keep you cozy. Place fall-coloured blankets and throws like this Afghan crochet by Etsy’s WinkelvanCrinkel on your couch or in your bedroom for a touch of seasonal warmth.


Decorate your apartment space in seasonal style by putting some of these tips to use. At Williams and McDaniel, we want our residents to enjoy every aspect of their apartment and this includes their décor. With these cost-effective tips, your living space will look nothing but fabulous when welcoming the fall season.