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Clever Kitchen tricks to sort your recycling

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you will definitely have to deal with recycling in some manner. There are a variety of tricks and tips that residents can try when it comes to recycling in their apartment and we at Williams and McDaniel, have compiled some suggestions that will make dealing with your recycling a breeze.


Keep Everything in One Place

For a more organized approach to your kitchen’s recycling, make sure everything is in one place. Designate an area in the kitchen, like under the sink, at the end of the counter or by the balcony to gather all items that can be recycled, returned or reused. Put stackable containers together and label what each one holds, so that everyone in the apartment knows where things go when sorting.


Work With Matching Containers

Start by finding a basic trash receptacle or container that you like and purchasing at least three so you can sort recyclables consistently. If you’re looking for a way to spice these containers up, the ‘All Women Stalk’ Wonderful DIY Waste Baskets article offers up 12 ways you can add your own personal touch to bins.


Hang a Bag for Deposit/Returnable Items

Make taking cans and bottles to the return centre less of a hassle by proactively placing them in assigned containers or bags. For easy access, hang the bag from a pair of hooks and add a label to make it clear to everyone what items can be returned for a deposit and what items can be placed in the bag. Hanging it from the wall will also help you save on shelf space.


Stack Up Bins

Save space without sacrificing storage for your recyclables with stackable plastic bins. Just as suggested before, it is best to label each with stickers or permanent markers and fill them until recycling day arrives. To avoid content spilling out, choose containers with adequate lips that are comfortable to lift even when they are full. If you’d rather not use stackable bins, you can take advantage of space under the sink or within cabinets.


Hide Your Recycling Containers

Keep your recycling containers out of sight by concealing them in stylish storage vessels. Placing a few garbage bags within a few old wicker laundry baskets can do just the trick. Make sure you designate one for plastics, glass and paper products.


Take Advantage of Bags

In addition to storing recyclables in containers, you can also place them in matching plastic-coated shopping bags with sturdy handles for easy transportation. You can line them under your kitchen sink or in a designated area of the kitchen. It is also a good idea to keep these bags by your front door, so when you head to the grocery store you can be environmentally friendly


Roll Away Your Cans and Bottles

Turn those rolling wire carts designed to organize office supplies and files into a solution for transporting those heavy cans and bottles. You can drop recycling right into the cart or you can line it with reusable bags for even easier recycling returns. When the cart is not in use it can be easily tucked away. If you already have containers for your recyclables but they have no wheels, simply outfit them with at least four wheels for easy manoeuvring


Try out some of these tips for a more organized recycling situation in your apartment. We at Williams and McDaniel want our residents to enjoy every aspect of their apartment and their experience and we will do everything we can to ensure that happens.


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