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Build a breakfast nook in any space

Sit down and enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast at your apartment's breakfast nook. Not only does this provide the perfect space to grab a quick morning snack, it is also a great place to display appetizers, decorate baked goods or to socialize with family and friends. For residents who are looking to build a cozy space to enjoy some homemade cuisine, Williams and McDaniel Property Management has put together some suggestions for making a breakfast nook in your apartment.



Brighten Up the Space

Take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Try to arrange your breakfast nook where you can enjoy the warm, soothing rays of natural light.


Shine On

When natural light is not an option, light fixtures are a close second. Highlight the space and enhance its visual appeal by decorating your breakfast nook with soft lights rather than harsh lampshades and light bulbs.


Cohesion with Colour

Make your space pop and blend together beautifully by taking time to consider the colour scheme. Placing accents throughout the space will add colour without visually overpowering and overwhelming your eyes. In this instance, less is more. Subtle colour hints will go much further than cluttered accoutrements.


Stylish Stools

Sit back and relax at your breakfast nook in stools and chairs with added personality. Have fun and play around with colours and designs, but make sure you don't incorporate too many conflicting styles. It is best to purchase stools that fit under the nook area, so when they're not in use they can be safely stored away.


Countertop Accessories

While centerpieces look very picturesque, they are not very practical. It is best to avoid anything that will keep you from spreading out the morning paper, enjoying a hearty meal or finishing up that last homework question. Keep things simple and include a bowl of fruit or a vase of fresh flowers.

While decorating is important, it is even more important to maintain the functionality of your breakfast nook. Get started building a breakfast nook in your apartment by taking a look at these suggestions. Williams and McDaniel Property Management is here to help in any way we can and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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