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Budget tips to simplify your finances

Keep your finances simple and organized with some of the tech-savvy tools and apps available. These resources can help you save money, find out where all your money is going and have a better handle on your finances. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management we want to help residents stay organized and on track, so we've put together some online tools and apps to make budgeting a breeze.




If keeping track of your finances makes you cringe, Mint will help you face your fears by monitoring your spending. This app transforms your spending information into easy-to-understand visuals and graphs. Users can also sync Mint with their various bank accounts and credit cards to automatically keep track of how much is spent. Mint even provides a detailed category breakdown to pinpoint what you're spending the most on. Compatible with tablets, Android devices, iPhones and computers, Mint is ideal for financially conscious individuals on the go.


Budget Ease

Budget Ease offers a simple way to budget, track and stay on top of your finances. This app gives users access to "envelope" balances, which can be added, viewed and edited. Add in customized envelopes like "Coffee," "Lunches Out," "Pamper Yourself" and load them up. Once an envelope hits $0.00, it's time to stop spending. If you continue to spend, the app will make note of your overspending. You can even attach receipt images to your transaction for added organization. Budget Ease is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.



Level Money

If you're looking for a clean and beautiful budgeting app, Level Money is your solution. This exceptional app can be automatically linked to your bank accounts and existing finances and gives you an at-a-glance view of your remaining budget balances on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This award-winning app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Remove your financial fears and tackle budgeting with confidence by using these apps and online resources designed to simplify the unknown. Williams and McDaniel Property Management wants to help current and prospective residents get everything from their apartment to their finances organized.

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