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At-home fitness essentials

While you may think a trip to the apartment fitness centre or a gym membership is necessary to keeping your trim physique, you can also utilize your apartment space to get a quick workout in. With so many at-home fitness options available, working out at home will save you time, money and will allow you to enjoy working out in your own space. For those who want to start exercising at home, we at Williams and McDaniel Property Management have put together some items that will make it easier to exercise in your apartment.

Something Heavy

Barbells, kettlebells, sandbags and even water bottles can be used for strength training purposes to increase and challenge the body’s muscles and connective tissue. The ‘Breaking Muscle’s’ The Right Tool for the Right Job: Kettlebell, Dumbbell, or Barbell article examines which variations work best for you.  When it comes to selecting equipment, make sure that you take its adaptability into consideration and that it is the appropriate weight for your fitness level. This will help you avoid any injuries and/or purchasing equipment you’ll likely use once. It is best to choose a piece of equipment that can do a variety of different jobs versus one specialized function. When selecting dumbbells, it is best to choose ones that are hex-shaped with black rubber coating, which last the longest and are the most comfortable for working out. Medicine Balls are also great for plyometric exercises and strengthening your core muscles.



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