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Apartment accessories to help you sleep easy this winter




During the winter season, the lack of light and the cold can affect sleep patterns. For those who are experiencing trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or all of the above, there are a variety of accessories available that can help you get some shuteye. To ensure that residents get a good night's rest, we, at Williams and McDaniel Property Management, have put together some products that will help you get a sound sleep in your apartment.



Keep Things Cozy


Heated Blanket

For those chilly nights when the wind is howling and you just can't seem to get warm, a heated blanket could definitely come in handy. They are soft and unbelievably warm. If you're currently on the lookout for a blanket that can keep you warm and cozy, 'Good Housekeeping's' Best Electric Blankets article features heated blankets that have been tried, tested and reviewed. This will ensure you get the one you've been searching for.


Heated Water Bottle

If you want to stay warm, cozy and in a deep slumber without racking up your utility bill, a hot water bottle is a great way to get the warmth without the cost. Placing a hot water bottle by the foot of your bed will keep your toes warm and toasty well into the night.


Sleep Mask

Sleep masks provide ultimate comfort to your eyes while completely blocking out any visible light. With so many variations available and even ones with adorable patterns, you can be sure whichever mask you choose will be stylish. This Infinity Sleep Mask by Dream Essentials made with fleece and designed with an ergonomic fit is a perfect option to choose.


Fight Dry Air



Avoid dry skin and a stuffed up nose by investing in a humidifier. They make a huge difference in the wintertime by adding moisture to rooms and reducing the growth of bacteria and mold. Combat your sniffling nose and dry skin by taking a look 'Health.com's' Best Humidifiers article and selecting the model that works for you. With creative designs especially for kids and more sleek and modern designs for adults, your humidifier will not clash with your apartment's existing décor.



Sensitive to Noise


White-Noise Maker

If even the tiniest sounds keep you awake at night, it might be worth it to try out a noise machine. These gadgets are great for drowning out annoying sounds or putting your mind in a calm and tranquil state. The Ecotones Sound + Sleep machine provides listeners with nature sounds and subtle noises, which is perfect for those who are extra sensitive to sound.


Sleep Assistant

Sink into a state of deep relaxation and sleep with the NightWave Sleep Assistant. This portable device emits a pale-blue light to guide users through a series of slow, deep breaths.


Try out one or a few of these gadgets and you're bound to see an improvement in your sleep. We at Williams and McDaniel, want all our residents to have a great night's sleep in their apartments and we will do anything to ensure that happens!


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