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Affordable ways to keep in touch with your loved ones

 We know it can be tough to stay in touch with family when they live far away. Luckily, technology is constantly creating inexpensive and even free ways to stay in contact with those in different countries, provinces and worldwide. These technologies allow for calls, video calls and the ability to simultaneously group chat with family and friends spread all over the globe. We at Williams and McDaniel Property Management want to keep our residents in contact and connected to the people they love, so we’ve put together some free and inexpensive ways to keep in touch


Skype is one of the original online video chatting applications. Instead of asking for a phone number or email from your friends and family who are traveling or living abroad, ask for their Skype username. One of the greatest things about Skype is that it is free to other Skype users. If the person you are calling also has Skype, the call is actually free. It is also extremely easy to find people by searching their name or their username. While Skype is often used for video calls, it can also be used for audio and group calls. All you need is a computer or mobile device with the Skype app, an Internet connection and you’re ready to get started.


Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts has a variety of different benefits, including the ability to accommodate up to 10 people at once and the fact that it doesn’t cost you any money. For Google+ Hangouts to work all you need is a Gmail account and an Internet connection.

If you want to video chat with your friends, make sure they have a Google+ profile or email set up and you’ve added each other into your Circle of Friends. After you’ve done this you should see a list of your friends on the side of the screen, and you can invite them to chat by hitting the “+New Hangout” button. During hangouts, you can share documents, text and you can even share the screen to show what’s happening on your desktop. If you’re looking to get whimsical and have a good laugh, get silly with Google Effects and add props, facial hair and other accessories to spice up your video call.



Make long distance calls, receive emails and send texts from other countries without worrying about the cost with Viber. This app allows you to call anyone else who has the app completely free of charge. You do not need to create a username or register for anything and you can use your regular phone number to make all the necessary calls. While the service can be used on a Wi-Fi or 3G network, it is best to use Wi-Fi to guarantee your data expenses don’t skyrocket. Compatible with Windows Phone, Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Nokia, Blackberry and Bada, this app is an easy and effective way to keep those close to you updated.


Stay updated and in the know with these fantastic apps that will also save your next phone bill and save you some money. Williams and McDaniel Property Management wants to ensure all our current and prospective residents enjoy their rental experience and we strive to do everything we can to ensure they have an unforgettable experience.

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