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5 Household items you might not know you can recycle

Items like bottles, cardboard, paper and cans are all recycling basics, but there are other recyclables you probably didn’t know about. These items cannot be recycled curbside and require a different means of disposal, both for safety and for environmental reasons. To help residents reduce their impact on the environment, Williams and McDaniel Property Management has put together some household items that you’ll be surprised to find are recyclable.

CFL Bulbs


Due to the fact that compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs contain a tiny bit of mercury, they cannot be disposed of in curbside recycling or the trash. For a safe and more environmentally friendly disposal, drop off CFL bulbs at Home Depot or IKEA locations or a hazardous waste facility.


CD and DVD Cases

Clear out your shelves and rid yourself of old CD and DVD cases by recycling them. While some recycling programs accept CDs and DVDs, many don’t. All Best Buy stores have recycling centers and will take your unwanted cases free of charge.



When the time comes to part with your mattress, remember that you can recycle it. Before you recycle, evaluate the condition of the mattress. If it is usable, donate it to a shelter or local thrift store. If it’s too damaged, consult Earth911.org to find a transfer station that is located nearby, but be sure to call ahead to ensure they accept mattresses. Freecycle.org is another resource that allows people to give away and receive items that would otherwise end up in landfills.   


Cell phones

Even though you’re done with your cellphone, it can still be put to good use. There are plenty of organizations dedicated to redistributing cell phones, including Cell Phones for Soldiers and RecycleMyCell.ca. Similar to batteries, cell phones contain hazardous chemicals and materials that need to be disposed of or recycled in a particular way.


Old TVs and Computers

TVs and computers often contain harmful chemicals and materials, including lead and heavy metals. Best Buy offers a recycling service for most electronics. Drop off is free but Best Buy charges for pick up. If you’re recycling your computer, be sure to delete all sensitive information and completely wipe the hard drive. Computers that are in working condition can also be donated to a local library, school or community center.


Do your part to conserve the environment by recycling whenever possible. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we hope this list helps and will get residents on the path to informed recycling.


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