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5 Easy changes to cut apartment clutter

It seems that no matter how hard we try clutter always crawls back into our lives and living spaces. However, there are a few creative ways and changes of habit that can eliminate clutter from your apartment space. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we want our residents to enjoy every aspect of their rental experience and are here to help. By putting together some tips residents can use to cut down on clutter, we hope to help residents take full advantage of their space without worrying that it’s overcrowded.


Eliminate the Paper Trail

As you sort through your mail pileup, throw away everything that you will never read or that doesn’t require action, like real estate post cards and promotional materials for products you’ll never use. When it comes to coupons, be realistic and only keep the ones for products you normally buy. To keep the future paper to a minimum, try setting up your banking digitally with automatic bill-pay. This LifeHacker post offers additional options to painlessly get all your paperwork organized.


Routine Clean

Make it a mandatory part of your daily routine to clean up after yourself twice during the day for three to five minutes. When you think about it this isn’t a huge amount of time, but it’s just enough to straighten up items in your apartment that are out of place. Before you leave for work pick up everything that you used, such as bowls, cereal, milk or the morning paper and you’ll come home to a clean and well-kept apartment. Do this again before you head to bed. Fold blankets on the couch, put your books on the table and clean up any dishes from your midnight snack and you’ll start the day off with a clean apartment.


Give Your Clothes a Home and Weekly TLC

The temptation is strong to see how long you can go without doing laundry, but avoiding it will just make the inevitable worse. It is best to wash clothes at least once every week to ensure you don’t have a large build-up of laundry. Keep laundry off of your floor and either in closets, drawers or laundry hampers. Say goodbye to tripping over your jeans, shirts and socks.


Don’t Think About Doing Dishes, Do Them

Procrastination is what ultimately breeds clutter, so wash your dishes and clean your counters right after cooking. If you have a dishwasher fill it up immediately and run it as soon as it’s full.


Give Junk the Boot

Conserve the organization of your apartment by vowing not to add any more junk into the mix. Before you purchase something, ask yourself if you really need that item and if the answer is no, skip it. In the long run this will save you from accumulating clutter.


Keeping an apartment organized might seem to be a high-maintenance job, but a few changes and habits here and there will help you easily declutter. At Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we want our residents to enjoy clutter-free apartments and the fantastic amenities that are included.