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About the City

Guelph Ontario

The city of Guelph is a city of community living, cultural weekends and festive late afternoons. While River Run Centre – the stage with a view – plays host to powerful live theatre, the local Seniors Center equips you with everything right from computer skills and new friends to events and news that keep you at the top of your game. 

The vibrant colours of Downtown Guelph offer more than what meets the eye. For starters, did you know that this Royal City center cradles over 70 businesses that honour Seniors' Day? And it is environmentally friendly too. Park free for 2 hours on the street or take the 20 minute bus service to this green walker's paradise. Discover local art and artisans; eat fresh from the fun and fragrant Farmers' Market so you can truly enjoy community spirit while weaving it in with saving the Earth.

The sheer number of popular Guelph festivals reflects the city's resonating human energy. In addition to holding year-around downtown events, Guelph is also home to others like the Jazz festival, the Hillside festival, Musicfest, the Contemporary Dance Festival, Arts Festival and even the Guelph chapter of the Doors Open Ontario event.

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