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Living in Waterloo and visiting the many galleries and museums scattered throughout, it’s not hard to understand how the city got its reputation as an arts and culture Mecca. It’s also home to natural splendors, like the 111-acre Waterloo park – along with the stunning landscapes and trails, the park is home to year-round events, like Music and Movies in the Park, the Wonders of Winter festival and a petting zoo that is sure delight young and old alike.

One of the benefits of living in Waterloo is that you can easily experience the amenities and attractions of two cities in one – right next door to Waterloo is the city of Kitchener, and the two cities are joined by a convenient and comprehensive transit system that helps you get the best of what both have to offer.

The Waterloo City Centre

Uptown Waterloo is a vibrant, bustling area, filled with ample opportunities to shop, dine and take in an evening’s entertainment. It’s often the locale for the city’s many festivals, including the Waterloo Jazz Festival and the Uptown Country Festival. Other festivals of note in the city include the Waterloo Buskers Carnival and the Royal Medieval Faire, both of which are gaining in popularity and are offering great diversity to the city. 

People. Places. Pastimes

Waterloo is a very supportive and welcoming community, especially for seniors. The Waterloo city website has an entire section that highlights many programs and activities for older adults, including the 55+ Fan Club, a unique program that offers seniors the opportunity to support young athletes in the community.

If you’re interested in physical activity, recreation or simply picking up a new skill, the Waterloo Adult Recreation Centre and the Rotary Adult Centre are both great places to get involved in activities or develop new hobbies, while meeting people with similar interests. These facilities also have programs to help seniors with mobility problems or physical disabilities.


Both Waterloo and Kitchener have strong Germanic roots, which residents and tourists celebrate yearly with the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. This festival is known around the country and is one of only 20 festivals to receive the 2010 Event of Distinction designation by Festival and Events Ontario.

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